Decision of Working from Home Turned Into A Nightmare?

The notion of running the business from home originally began in the eighties which are persistent till date. We are going to discuss how this concept of work-from-home generally doesn’t provide the desired results.

Commoners consider work from home as the part-time job which may include anything from online form filling to data entry or it has allured thousands of people as a solution to employment problems or childcare problems.

With the emergence of technology at the workplace, innumerable graphic artists, web developers, bloggers, software designers, people employed in sales & marketing, and many other proficient youngsters have preferred to work from home instead of occupying an office. While this mostly applies to the freelancers, there are very few organizations in India which have offered the option to work from home.

Do you think people working from home are able to complete their tasks timely? If you say, that chances are 50:50, your prediction is correct. 50% are able to, but the rest of the 50% cannot. Here’s why working from home is not effective for them.

  • Lack of space: doesn’t matter how professionally furnished or designed a home office is always short of space as compared to a traditional office. Shortage of space obstructs the quality of work and even it consumes more time.
  • Overheads: Working from home is preferred to limit expenses, but in reality, the cost of running a home office is even higher. Overheads include fixtures & furniture, electricity bills, internet, telephone, etc.
  • Lack of focus: Working from home has more disadvantages compared to the advantages. Noisy surroundings in and around the home hinder the focus on work. Family and personal time eat out focus hence affect completing the assignments before a deadline.
  • Independence: It’s always wonderful when a boss or manager is not around, but self-discipline is extremely difficult. Improper time management muddles the workflow which may cross the deadlines.
  • No socializing: Working from home eliminates the opportunities of interacting. No workmates to speak to or discuss project work makes life friendless and distressing.
  • Limitations: Working from home foists limitations on nap time, following a passion, etc. A home office has no closing hours. The absence of proper rest or rejuvenating activities affects work.

Apart from the above aspects, there may be other factors which influence work from home concept. It feels successful in the beginning but as the workload escalates, it gets hard to manage everything from home without any assistance; however, employees or freelancers those who are working from home must give a thought about shifting from the home office to a co-working space or shared spaces

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