Connaught place business centre is giving the best opportunity to landlords who are tremendously looking for rental incomes. If any landlord is willing to sign with us then s/he may provide brief details about the property over the mail. The entire process starts like where is the property located, size of property in sqft carpet area. Whether the property is furnished or raw. The landlord may send pictures of the property, if furnished how many workstations, cabins, and conference room is there every detail on email. Furnished offices would be preferred as per our layout with quality interior and location should be the good fit to our requirements and property should be commercial. Connaught place business centre promise to all vacant property landlords that we can turn your vacant property into something unbelievably profitable. The landlord is paying high maintenance charges for locked properties but Connaught place business centre is giving you an opportunity to obtain revenue from your property by sharing to any other brand because we are bringing pure rental.


1>More Revenue

Connaught place business centre will help you getting good revenues from your locked property by converting it into a business centre. By working with us, you can reach out to people who are searching for spaces required for startups, corporate, MNCs, independent professionals, will approach you according to their space requirements.

2> Zero Hassles

You can provide your property on lease to multiple tenants at a time without any hassle. Even you don’t need to drown in lease agreements and all. Whether it is sourcing of tenants, lease agreements, verification processes, rent collection, or operation & management, everything would be handled by us.